Jewelry Resurrection

To give your sentimental jewelry a new lease of life is priceless, the ultimate experience of connection, meaning and sustainability. If the precious gemstones and metals can be salvaged, Giovanni can re-set in his myriad of original handcrafted designs, allowing the resurrected jewelry to continue to carry the sentimental energy of the original piece, respectfully continuing the lineage of the heirloom. Giovanni will personally guide you through the options for your piece, discussing design possibilities and your true hopes and wishes for the beloved jewels. Through LOVE & HATRED’s resurrection process, we can create something that is truly fit for your world today and lifetimes to come.

Before sending your jewelry to us for the Jewelry Resurrection journey, please follow the instructions below:

- Please make sure you have notified us about your jewellery resurrection and LOVE & HATRED has accepted your request.
- Please package up your piece so that it is safe and secure. Keep items secure and wrap pieces separately.
- Please read our Jewelry Resurrection Policy.
- Please insure your jewelry to the value of your pieces. If your piece is valued at over $5000, we can discuss with you options for your piece to be delivered to LOVE & HATRED in person.