Ethical Sourcing

At LOVE & HATRED, we use only GIA-certified diamonds and gemstones in our pieces and talismans. These gemstones are hand-picked by artisanal, family owned and operated gem miners. They are acquired by us on the guarantee that they have been ethically sourced and cut in line with United Nations regulation guidelines regarding ethical and sustainable practices related to recycled, semi-precious stones.

LOVE & HATRED’s trusted gem-hunter of 20 years has devout respect for the environment and shares our commitment to sustainability, integrity and ethical practices. He has an astute knowledge of, and direct connection with, every aspect of our process and business as a whole. He nurtures direct relationships, and mindful involvement, with the family-owned mines that supply our diamonds, and gemstones. He is, as well, personally invested in his own small, low-impact mines. Due to his involvement, an authentic relationship with the Australian artisanal mining community, and his dedication to working with us, we are able to provide full traceability of the natural diamonds and gemstones that we use in our pieces, upon request.

LOVE & HATRED diamonds are a combination of artisanal mined natural diamonds, GIA graded and certified diamonds which are sourced only on the guarantee that they have been sourced and cut in line with United Nations regulated guidelines regarding ethical and sustainable practices and recycled sentimental diamonds.


LOVE & HATRED has worked with the same gemhunter for more than 20 years, ensuring that the diamonds, opals, sapphires and other gemstones we choose for our fine jewelry have their provenance in mining communities with integrity. Each stone we use has full traceability and connection to ethical diamond and gemstone suppliers. Our gemhunter also has investments in his own small and low-impact mines allowing LOVE & HATRED to go ‘straight to the source’ and access the very best stones. Through our gemhunter, we are also able to check professional conditions, safety and ensure environmental impacts are low. 


Giovanni D’Ercole personally engaged with cutters to ensure that chosen stones are cut to the perfect proportions and symmetry for his designs, ensuring optimal light dispersion and beauty. We use master cutters primarily based in Australia. On the recommendation of our gemhunter’s impeccable networkings, LOVE & HATRED shares a holistic understanding and transparency around how their diamonds and gemstones are sourced and cut. 


LOVE & HATRED was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1983. The vision of founder and designer Giovanni D’Ercole, LOVE & HATRED was created with the clear intention to handcraft timeless pieces of fine jewelry and talismans of unmatched quality and artistry. Working with the art of alchemy, a focus on ethical practices and meticulous attention to detail, pieces have always been handcrafted entirely in Australia, initially in Sydney’s Strand Arcade and continuing since our move online in 2017 from the sanctum of our Byron Bay studio overlooking the shimmering Pacific Ocean. 


The house of LOVE & HATRED sits on sustainable foundations and is now run online from the sanctum of our Byron Bay studio. Our team remains headed by Giovanni D’Ercole and consists of a small group of craftspeople, some of whom have collaborated with LOVE & HATRED from the beginning. We all share a passion for creating inspired, unique and symbolic talismans and fine jewelry. Never being one to follow fashion or trends, Giovanni D’Ercole continues to be guided by his instincts, ethics and imagination in designing and creating pieces of substance. We continue, as a company, to stay true to our original ethos in putting forth pieces that last a lifetime, bring positive energy to our customers, to be passed down from generation to generation as a symbol of love, passion and faith while maintaining our deep connection and relationship with Mother Earth.