Care Instructions

At LOVE & HATRED we have lovingly and skilfully designed pieces to endure more than one lifetime, so here are a few things to remember to keep your jewelery looking amazing.

Like all beautiful treasures, jewelery needs to be handled with care.

Your unique LOVE & HATRED piece of jewelery has been crafted using traditional goldsmithery techniques and as we handcraft each piece there may be slight variations.

Gold is a softer metal and becomes softer the more pure it is, all care needs to taken when wearing and cleaning to ensure longevity.
 Sterling silver naturally tarnishes when exposed to air, so keep your pieces polished by using a silver cloth.

Over time, larger gemstones can accumulate a fine film of dust or soap.
These gemstones can easily be cleaned at home, by using a soft toothbrush with warm water and a drop of dish liquid to gently remove it, and dry off using a hairdryer on low over a soft towel. Be sure to secure your jewels on a towel where your piece is safe to dry and cool for a few moments before putting back on or carefully storing.

Wedding bands and earrings are replaced more often because our clients forget to take their jewelery off before entering the water. Giovanni of LOVE & HATRED believes the gods of the seas are simply claiming back what is theirs.
But if you would like to keep your jewelery from the hands of Atlantis and as close to their original form, remember to remove and keep them safe at home.

We encourage you to create a daily ritual of taking off your jewelry at the end of each day and creating an altar or safe space for your jewelery where each piece is carefully placed back in their box or pouch when you’re not wearing it.
This will maintain the quality and beauty of your piece and help you to never loose jewels.

Everyday Considerations

It is important to remove your jewelery when cleaning, swimming or doing
strenuous work.

Be aware of all contact to your jewelery, pieces can be caught on clothing or handbag straps without being noticed.

Your jewelery should be put on last when dressing and taken off first.

Remove your jewelery prior to sleeping, submerging in water or exercising to avoid significant wear and tear or potential loss. 

Limit the contact your piece has with perfumes, creams and makeup as these substances can accelerate the tarnishing process and congest any links or settings in your jewelery.

Your jewelery should be stored individually in its original packaging in a dry, cool place to prevent it from being scratched, tangled or tarnishing. 

Clean and polish your jewelery regularly to maintain lustre and check for wear and tear.

Rest assured your jewelery is covered for any manufacturing faults - you can read about your warranty here.

Or, if your piece has suffered wear and tear we can provide a quote for repair in our workshop. Lodge a repair request here.

The most common reason that our necklaces and bracelets will break is a result of stretching. As our chains are made from solid gold and silver (malleable materials), they can stretch from continuous pulling (everyday wear) or being caught on something. 

It’s worthwhile checking if your chain has stretched from time to time as a compromised chain can lead to breakage and potential loss.

Take your chain and measure its entire length (including jump rings and clasp) against a ruler. This measurement can then be compared to its original length (you can find this on your order confirmation). If your jump rings are no longer perfect circles, this is also a sure sign that the chain has experienced stress and stretched!

If you notice that your chain has stretched, lodge a repair requesthere( insert hyper-link here) as we are able to replace the chain in our workshop for a fraction of the cost of buying a new necklace or bracelet.

We hope you enjoy wearing your LOVE & HATRED jewels as much as we have enjoyed personally crafting them for you.