Established in Australia in 1983, LOVE & HATRED is a luxury brand founded and designed by Giovanni D’Ercole. Made with love, spirit and intention, each piece of LOVE & HATRED jewelry expresses self-determination, liberty
and oneness.

Inspired by the Buddhist quote: "Hatreds never cease with hatred in this world, only with love can they cease”,
LOVE & HATRED jewelry is created to mark moments in time, milestones, great love – each piece a powerful personal statement, a talisman to individuality and style, unmistakably LOVE & HATRED.

“I believe in the mythology of jewelry as powerful talismans of love, hope and passion – each handcrafted piece is embedded with deep spiritual sentiments and healing intentions.” Giovanni D’ercole.

LOVE & HATRED’s heart and dagger Insignia symbolises the brand philosophy and signifies a conscious return
to self-love.

To wear LOVE & HATRED jewelry is to feel protected, a mystical sense of being privy to a great secret.
This alchemy can also be found in the woody, exotic LOVE & HATRED scent designed for attraction, magnetism
and empowerment.

LOVE & HATRED has inspired devotion in its high-end clientele and over more than 30 years has garnered a mystic following amongst international celebrities, musicians, artists and creative spirits. Since its inception, LOVE & HATRED clients commission pieces not only for loved ones, but many come to create their personal talismans, signature
one-off pieces made from rare gemstones, precious gold and silver.

Never conventional, LOVE & HATRED is a true expression of freedom, creativity and personal identity.

The house of LOVE & HATRED sits on sustainable foundations and is now run online from the sanctum of our Byron Bay studio. Our team remains headed by Giovanni D’Ercole and consists of a small group of craftspeople, some of whom have collaborated with LOVE & HATRED from the beginning. We all share a passion for creating inspired, unique and symbolic talismans and fine jewelry. Never being one to follow fashion or trends, Giovanni D’Ercole continues to be guided by his instincts, ethics and imagination in designing and creating pieces of substance.
We continue, as a company, to stay true to our original ethos in putting forth pieces that last a lifetime, bring positive energy to our customers, to be passed down from generation to generation as a symbol of love, passion and faith while maintaining our deep connection and relationship with Mother Earth.