Giovanni’s gift in this life is his creative mastery of design and symbolism, including the frequencies they hold. Through the consultation process, Giovanni draws on his artistry, 40 years of design and his encyclopaedic knowledge of gemstones, precious metals, birthstones and symbolic jewellery as well as his catalogue of more than 1000 handcrafted jewellery designs. Each piece expresses faith, beliefs, energy, individuality and love.

LOVE & HATRED has always believed in making responsible and ethically minded jewellery. You'll be able to read more about this here.

Design Process

The LOVE & HATRED bespoke journey allows clients to create a piece that is original and symbolic, with deep personal meaning.

Giovanni alchemically weaves guided truth, intention and design into unique handcrafted talismans, offering you support from the unified field for you to wear with love in a way that is perfect for you.

We work with clients locally and internationally; either at our Byron Bay studio or via a video or phone meeting that fits into your schedule allowing you to be part of the process every step of the way.

I. Bespoke

Work one-on-one with Giovanni to design a unique piece that is yet to exist. Our bespoke service includes custom hand sketches created to help refine different design elements.

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2. Bespoke Resurrection

To resurrect your sentimental jewellery click here to find out more.

3. Made to order

For anyone who loves our existing designs and wants the opportunity to customise them, click here to discuss further.

The bespoke process

We understand that designing the perfect ring can seem like an overwhelming process.

However, with Giovanni’s 40 years of experience, we'll take you through the LOVE & HATRED bespoke journey, where Giovanni will work with you every step of the way to identify the jewellery designs that are in perfect alignment with your vision and dream piece.

  1. An initial consultation where we will talk you through the design process and outline your inspirations, budget and design direction.
  2. Giovanni will source for you an assortment of stones based on your brief and draw a selection of designs tailored specifically for you. We work with only GIA-certified diamonds and ethical gemstones in our pieces. These gemstones are hand-picked by artisanal, family-owned and operated gem suppliers offering access to rare and unusual cut stones as well as high-value and larger ethical pieces.
  3. Once you’ve approved the design and cost, we will begin creating your piece. We pride ourselves on our fine craftsmanship and fuse modern techniques with traditional jewellery skills to create for you a truly special piece that will last for lifetimes to come. The process takes between 8-10 weeks from confirmation to design completion.

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Get in touch

Our team are happy to guide you on whether they think Bespoke or Made to Order would be best suited to your design following an initial consultation.