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Guided by a constant connection to proportion, form and beauty, Giovanni D’Ercole is the creative force behind LOVE & HATRED jewelry. Giovanni regards LOVE & HATRED as both his creative and spiritual work, his philosophies embodied through the brand and in each piece he creates.
“I create jewelry in service to humanity, one piece at a time, working with the mastery of symbolism to assist in the return to love,” he says.
Giovanni strongly believes in the mythology of jewelry as powerful talismans of love, hope and passion.
Each handcrafted piece is embedded with these deep spiritual beliefs and healing intentions, for the wearer to live and experience. Through his work, Gio creates timeless pieces, with the intention each piece will last many lifetimes.
From the midst of the early 1980s in Sydney, Giovanni emerged as a designer and artist embedded in the fabric
of the music, fashion and art worlds. An intrinsic part of a burgeoning subculture that has left a historic mark on Australian and international creative cultures. Working from his gallery in the Strand Arcade, he created custom pieces for rock royalty – embellishing music icons from Alice Cooper to Chrissy Amphlett, Michael Hutchence to Perry Farrell (Jane’s Addiction) and many more with his unique rock studded bracelets and heart dagger talismans, his jewelry and the LOVE & HATRED Insignia becoming the artist’s talisman. As Giovanni’s reputation spread,
waiting lists for his one-off designs began to grow, with Giovanni determined to remain faithful to his artisan roots of his own gallery and workshop. Each piece a work of art, highly personalised, with signature designs crafted to exacting standards using exceptional precious metals and certified gemstones.
It is in the unity of both love and hate, light and dark, day and night that the creative spirit lives.
A lover of love, Giovanni’s connection to spirit through expression in design is a constant state of being and a genuine way of living. His extraordinary homes, art, jewelry and designs have featured in Architectural Digest,
Vogue Australia, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Decoration and Inside Out. Instinctively progressive and evolutionary,
his refined respect for making the everyday beautiful, meaningful and joyful is ever present in his being and everything he creates. 
Since LOVE & HATRED’s inception, Giovanni has constantly brought forth the mystical essence of life, through his deeply soulful nature and an indelible desire to carry a message through his designs to his beloved clients and beyond. Now working from his idyllic studio in Byron Bay, Giovanni has amassed a catalogue of more than
1000 jewelry designs, with the LOVE & HATRED Insignia pieces remaining central to the collection.
LOVE & HATRED was inspired by a quote from Siddhartha Gautama Buddha:
“Hatreds never cease by hatreds in this world… by love alone they cease.”
The philosophy is reflected in all of Giovanni's work. The alchemic journey of life, through the unknown and into love. This is the very essence of Giovanni. Knowing no bounds, beauty is always brought to life in the realms of Giovanni’s universe.