This is the philosophy behind the Love & Hatred insignia, which when worn as a talisman with faith and intention, can inspire transformation and the return to self-love.

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A celebration, a rites of passage to Love, marking all of life’s special moments. Channeling an elegant magic from the formal to the non traditional to perform grand acts of LOVE.

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Established in Australia in 1983, LOVE & HATRED is a luxury brand founded and designed by Giovanni D’Ercole, who was inspired to bring more meaning and beauty into the world.

LOVE & HATRED has inspired devotion in its high-end clientele and over the years has garnered a loyal following amongst international celebrities, musicians, artists, creatives and those with an eye for unique style.

These are timeless pieces, designed to last lifetimes, to be worn and passed on as enduring and treasured heirlooms.

Precious natural gemstones are regarded and used as sacred objects. Each gem is hand selected by Giovanni on his travels and designed into handcrafted pieces.